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Cybersecurity insurance

Technology creates as many risks as it does opportunities. Stay safer and work smarter with cybersecurity insurance.

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Cover we can arrange

Business interruption

After a cyber attack, you might be unable to access your systems for a while. If tech troubles force your business to hit pause, a cyber policy can help cover your loss of income.

Repair and restoration

How much would it cost to repair, recover and restore your IT systems after an attack? Cybersecurity insurance can help cover IT repair costs – plus the money spent restoring your lost data.

PR, legal and incident response

The aftermath of a cyber incident could call for crisis management. If you need to do some reputational damage control, a cyber policy can help cover the costs.

Fines and penalties

Legal services don’t come cheap. If you need to defend yourself after an attack – or if you’re fined for not reporting a data breach properly – a cyber policy can help cover your legal fees.

Scams, fraud and phishing

Cyber fraud is on the rise – and only getting more sophisticated. If you’re tricked into paying someone you don’t owe a thing to, cyber insurance can help be a safety net.

Third-party liability

If your customers’ personal data is stolen in an attack, you could be liable to compensate them. Cyber insurance can help cover legal defence costs – plus liability in a range of scenarios.


Incident response services

Immediate 24/7 access to incident response services following an actual or suspected cyber attack.

Extortion payments

Ransom reimbursement* and access to specialist ransom negotiators.

+ Cybercrime option

This is an additional option with sub-limited coverage for fraudulent transfer of funds.

Why use a broker?

Choosing business insurance means navigating through products, coverages and policy terminology – with a sales pitch as your only guide. At Marsh, our brokers will spot your unique set of risks, match you to the right choice, and advocate for you on price.

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Why Marsh?

Why should you choose Marsh to arrange your insurance solutions?

In business, we've got your back

From mum and dad’s dairy, to national pizza chains, Marsh has a 60+ year history of supporting New Zealand’s business community. Our award-winning brokers are fluent in the latest global and Kiwi market insight and risk, but cut through the jargon to speak your language.  

Local expertise

Our New Zealand-wide network of brokers have spent years at the forefront supporting business owners manage their unique risks in a fast-changing market. They keep ahead of the latest market insights, both local and global, and break down complex terminology.

Claims support

Handling an insurance claim can quickly become overwhelming, not least when your time is stretched to the limit keeping your business going in the backdrop. We help take the load off and manage, negotiate and settle claims with insurers on your behalf.

Cybersecurity expertise

With access to a wide insurer network, our team of cyber experts can obtain multiple cyber insurance quotes, and offer you sound advice. 

Competitive premiums

We negotiate competitive premium prices and insurance coverage to equip you with the level of cover you need.

Comprehensive yet simple

We make obtaining comprehensive cyber insurance easy. Speak to a Marsh specialist broker and get covered fast.

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Frequently asked questions

Cyber insurance is a type of insurance cover designed to help protect businesses in the event of a cyber incident or breach. It generally provides cover for expenses related to incident response, data recovery, business interruption, liability, and other costs associated with a cyber attack. Cyber insurance policies can vary widely in terms of coverage and cost, and may include provisions for costs like legal fees, public relations expenses, and credit monitoring services.

In an environment where cyber attacks are becoming more prevalent, cyber insurance can be an important tool for businesses looking to help protect themselves and their customers against the financial and reputational damage that can result from a cyber attack or data breach.

Not all generic liability and property insurance policies include options for cyber-related incidents, so if your business’s data and operations are valuable, you should consider seeking advice from your business broker about whether purchasing additional cyber cover is right for your business.

No, cyber insurance not mandatory in New Zealand.

The New Zealand government has recommended that businesses consider cyber insurance as part of their overall risk management strategy and has published guidance on the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) website about the benefits of cyber insurance, how to choose a policy, and what to consider when making a claim.

So while cyber insurance is not mandatory, it can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to protect themselves against the financial and reputational damage that can result from a cyber attack.

It depends on the specific policy but most cyber insurance policies do provide options for ransom cover. It’s important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions, inclusion and exclusions – for example, some cyber insurance policies may cover ransom payments for cyber extortion under their extortion cover, while others may specifically exclude coverage for ransom payments. If ransom cover is important to you, make sure you work with a business broker who understands the policy intricacies and help match you to the right solution.

Exclusions under a cyber insurance policy will be specific to your industry and the insurer you choose.

That’s why it’s critical to understand what you are being covered for before purchasing cyber insurance.

Thankfully, our team of brokers and risk management experts can provide you with advice and recommendations at every step of the way.

Cyber risk is any risk that comes about from the incorrect or unauthorised use of technology.

This might include malicious cybercrime, like ransomware, accidental disclosure of information and loss of confidential data.

Cyber attacks can significantly disrupt business operations. They’re also becoming more frequent and sophisticated, causing disruption to businesses of all sizes.

Taking proactive measures to prevent a cyber attack is increasingly imperative.

The policies you need will depend on the type of business you own and the industry in which you operate.

So that we can understand and assess your needs, contact our team of specialists today.

Cyber risk should be considered whenever and wherever your business relies on technology.

For example, if your business lost all access to online systems – such as invoicing, booking systems or important data – would it disrupt your operations? Today, very few businesses would say no.

To stay protected, consider building cyber resilience into your business model to minimise down time.

There aren’t many businesses today who wouldn’t benefit from cyber insurance. We are increasingly reliant on technology – which means we’re increasingly at risk when it fails us.

Cybersecurity insurance is especially crucial if your business:

  • Handles customer data

  • Stores business information online

  • Has a significant online presence.

Obtaining cyber insurance for your business – whether small, medium or a full-scale operation – is easier than you think. Contact one of our specialist brokers to arrange a cyber policy tailored to you.

LCPA 23/150

Marsh Ltd (NZBN 9429040918792)(“Marsh”) arranges insurance and is not an insurer. This webpage contains general information, does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs and may not suit your personal circumstances. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the covers and before making any decision about whether to acquire the product, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or product disclosure statements available from Marsh on request. 

*Where it is legal for insurers to pay a ransom.